Infuse Medical Case Study

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Infuse Medical


  • Difficulty tracking projects and billable staff hours
  • Inability to effectively reassign resources
  • Lack of insight into real-time data that would improve business model


  • Gave project managers back 10 hours per week
  • Saved each developer approximately 30 minutes a day
  • Generated real-time reports
  • Reduced meeting time to review reports by close to 60%
  • Transformed agency business model, increasing profitability

Digital agency serving Fortune 500 medical device companies adopts Workfront Agency Work Management solution to improve productivity, collaboration, and visibility into more than 50 active creative and development projects per month. Streamlined workflows, real-time reports, and automated time tracking improve employee productivity and help the company transition to a more profitable delivery model.

When employees are engaged, clients are happy, and the company is growing, it’s difficult to assess the impact that disorganization is having on the business. Yet when Infuse Medical closely examined its work delivery process, the agency realized it could save employees time while increasing profitability by establishing a more optimized flow of projects and eliminating manual time-tracking and resourcing processes. Since deploying Workfront Agency Work Cloud, the agency has increased the efficiency of its project managers and development teams—eliminating up to 10 hours of wasted time per week—while improving project and resourcing visibility, and decreasing reporting time.

Infuse Medical is the leading digital agency for the medical device industry and has been the choice of the majority of the Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 medical device companies since 2007. Infuse Medical applies its comprehensive, industryleading capabilities in custom mobile interactive applications for the iPad and mobile devices, 3D animation, interactive sales and education tools and programs, and digital promotional content to help its clients Accelerate the Transfer of KnowledgeTM to physicians, nurses, patients, and field sales representatives.

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