Launch Products to Market Faster with Workfront’s New Extension for Product Development

For businesses to thrive, it’s not enough to design, build and ‘get products out the door' quickly. The world’s most successful brands bring winning ideas and the right products to market at the right time, on budget and with the right amount of resources. If your team is struggling to launch products fast enough or if you are looking for that competitive advantage to be even faster, the right tools and process are critical.­­

Workfront and Rego Consulting recently released a set of data model enhancements that bring enterprise-level functionality for product development teams. Join us for a webinar to discuss the power of a work management platform to help you launch new products to market with speed, quality and the right amount of collaboration with teams and stakeholders.

­­In this webinar you’ll learn about new features including:­
- Risks, decisions, lessons learned, actions and stage gates
­- Detailed status reports with multiple indicators and red/yellow/green indicators that trend over time­
- Detailed financial forecasts, benefits, or budgets
­- The power of governance and oversight in the context of projects so as a PMO or as a PM, all of your governance and oversight can take place in a single tool­
- How to centralize your critical work, so that teams and stakeholders can get critical visibility into what's most important

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Richard Whitehead headshot

Richard Whitehead

Director, Platform Marketing
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Dan Greer

President and Founder
Rego Consulting
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Dan Swain

Director, Platform Solutions