Leapfrog Case Study



  • Lack of standardized workflows across client teams
  • Disparate systems that resulted in different processes
  • Inability to consistently monitor performance


  • Improved project management
  • 94% reduction in time to create new projects
  • 50% reduction in project-related emails
  • Enhanced visibility

Digital performance marketing agency standardizes and automates workflows, reducing the time spent creating new projects by 94%.

When an agency grows and client teams are working on hundreds of projects at any given time, best-practice processes become more important. High growth and low project visibility across client teams led Leapfrog to deploy Workfront to improve its project management. Now executives have better project visibility and more uniform operations while employees enjoy greater data connectivity.

For 20 years, Leapfrog has helped digital marketers maximize their return on data, gaining real-time intelligence for predictive insights and raw volume of customers. The Chicago-based performance marketing agency simplifies the connection of all data points to help clients achieve more customer conversions.