Loyola Case Study


Loyola University Maryland 

Higher Education 


Baltimore, MD 


  • Improve existing processes 
  • Support for a new philosophy 
  • Reconcile costs with resources 


  • 51% higher project success rate than industry average 
  • Real-time access and simplified reporting 
  • Increased collaboration 
  • Improved accountability 
  • Reduced time 
  • 30%–35% reduction in team email and more efficient meetings 

Many organizations struggle to bring in project wins, Loyola Technology Services and Loyola Marketing and Communications excel at achieving successful project outcomes.

Only 29% of projects are successful, reaching the modern resolution—meaning they are on time and on budget with a satisfactory result—says The Standish Group in its most recent CHAOS Report of 50,000 software development projects around the world. Loyola University Maryland now consistently achieves an 80% success rate and attributes the notable difference to a commitment to total success, accountability, and transparency—all of which are facilitated through the Workfront Work Management solution. Workfront has increased project transparency, accountability, efficiency, and collaboration for the university since its deployment in 2009.