Mastering the 3 A's of Work Management: Agility, Alignment, Autonomy

The modern workplace has radically transformed. Where we work, how we work, what we work on, and why we work are no longer the same as they were ten, or even five years ago. To be truly successful in this new workforce, workers today need to shift to new and modern approaches to how work is managed and then executed, something we call enterprise work management.

Enterprise work management is all about executing purpose-driven work at the speed and scale of digital so the emphasis can be on accomplishing work with greater efficiency, quality and renewed team focus. Join Chris Marsh, Research Director at 451 Research, and Ryan Herson, PhD, Director of People Consulting and the North America Regional Lead for Project Simplify at BASF, as they discuss proven methods to accelerate work effectiveness by focusing on three main things:

> Agility: how to quickly move from project to project and to make sure you’re focusing your time and attention on the right work at the right time.
> Alignment: how to ensure that the goals of your team and department are properly aligned with the goals of the organization. How do you make sure you are moving together to achieve the same result?
> Autonomy: In an ever connected world, how do you ensure that you’re properly collaborating with teams and stakeholders across geographies, time zones and context to most effectively execute work?



Chris Marsh headshot

Chris Marsh

Research Director
451 Research