Members 1st Credit Union Case Study

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Members First Federal Credit Union Case Study

Members 1st Federal Credit Union

Credit Unions



  • Manual request management processes

  • Unable to prioritize and track status of projects

  • Projects delayed to due lack of approvals


  • 29% increase in completed projects

  • Greater awareness and accountability

  • Ability to prioritize and align projects against business objective

A Nightmare Process

Members 1st has 52 branches throughout SouthCentral Pennsylvania. Despite being the third largest credit union in the state, the request management process at the credit union was handled manually. This time-consuming process created significant challenges for Scott Strohecker, the Assistant VP of Project Management, and his team.

Tracking their work manually consumed precious time and resources for Scott’s team without delivering the visibility they needed. When requests came in, Scott had to copy and retype them into Excel spreadsheets for reporting purposes—a process that ate up hours of his time every week. Despite this work, the tracking of request statuses was cumbersome and, ultimately, failed to keep stakeholders in the loop on the status of their requests. Executive management could not get the data they needed to properly approve and prioritize requests.

What Scott and his team needed was a way to streamline their request management process and make project data more visible to their project stakeholders.