MemorialCare Case Study


MemorialCare Health Systemfactory

Healthcare network

Fountain Valley, CA


  • Abundance of disparate tools

  • Teams working in silos

  • Inability to manage enterprise applications, support activities and resources

  • Forecasting and planning were nearly impossible


  • Reports and dashboards for improved visibility

  • Improved collaboration and resource management

  • Increased accountability and trust at executive levels

Working In Silos

The IS Department at MemorialCare Health Systems was charged with providing standard processes and best practice tools to assist with application support for the organization’s clinical and ancillary service lines. But their tools were proving unable to keep pace.

To manage all of this work, they were using a mix of spreadsheets, email, shared drives and homegrown applications. These tools were making it challenging for the IT leadership teams to effectively manage and track enterprise applications support activities and resources. Teams had difficulty aligning their work with one another. Forecasting and planning resources was almost impossible.

Anna Pena, the executive director of clinical systems at MemorialCare, knew that their team needed a better solution to handle the organization’s demands.