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Mouser Electronics

Retail Trade

Munich, Germany


  • Disparate teams spread around the world
  • No central visibility or transparency
  • Teams were wasting valuable time searching for relevant and up-to-date information 


  • Everyone knows who’s working on what
  • Streamlined proof approval process
  • Satisfying the needs of all stakeholders
Workfront is really saving us time because we now have clear processes and templates. We don’t have as many meetings as before and we have one tool where everyone can communicate in the same platform. We are definitely speeding up campaigns, and by looking back at past data we can better predict future performance.

Workfront’s modern work management platform provides Mouser’s marketing teams the centralisation, collaboration and agility they need. Workfront's fast, easy-to-use proofing tool helps teams accelerate approvals, meet brand guidelines and hit campaign targets. And automated dashboards and accurate recording means that everyone works better together, and gets more done faster.