Navigating Change Series - Break the Chain

We’re going through an unprecedented change in our work and home life. Figuring out how to adapt to and thrive in this new world of work is top of mind for organizations worldwide. We are all navigating a new work landscape together, and while it may be difficult to realize, disruption can provide us with a unique opportunity to re-evaluate how work gets done. Why do we do things the way we do? Is it because it's the best and most efficient way to do them, or because it's the way "we've always done things?"

In this webinar, join Jake Wells, Senior Transformation Advisor with Workfront, as he discusses ways to identify and overcome the "orthodoxies" that exist in your organization. With business disruption becoming the "new normal," your organization can now shift focus to challenging the status quo, and reformulating how work gets done, so that you can ultimately benefit the organization, improve team morale, and restore your own personal sanity.

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Jake Wells

Senior Transformation Advisor