Optimise PMO Performance With Intelligent Resource Management



Number one bestselling author, internationally renowned speaker and top ten podcaster, Peter Taylor (AKA “The Lazy Project Manager”), has been described as “perhaps the most entertaining and inspiring speaker in the project management world today”.

Now, Peter has teamed up with Workfront and Project Manager Today to bring you this inspiring webinar.

In the world of enterprise work, a nightmare storm of mayhem and burnout has become “the norm” while efficiently planned work and managed resources are more like a dream. Right now, many workers feel overwhelmed and overworked due to ad hoc requests, endless emails, unproductive meetings, and long hours. To make matters worse, the demand to get work to market faster and better than ever before is always increasing. It’s essential that workers have the right tools and know-how on their side to manage the speed and quality that’s expected from them.

To find the solutions, teams must first have insight into their main struggles. After all, it’s almost impossible to solve a problem if you don’t actually know what the root cause is!

The good news is that there are strategies that can alleviate the chaos and bring fun and productivity back to work. Overcoming the challenges associated with resource planning and defining how better scheduling helps to connect the right work to the right people is essential for this to happen.

In this webinar you will learn how to:

  • Improve visibility into your team’s workload and gain clear access to each project and resource. 
  • Plan effectively by implementing a visual representation of work to help you understand the bandwidth of each team member.
  • Search for and find the ideal resource scheduling tool to help you contour hours, easily swap users and roles, provide confidence, and so much more.

About the presenters:

Peter Taylor

Head of Global PMO | Kronos Inc.

Peter is a PMO expert, currently leading a Global PMO with 200 project managers acting as custodians for nearly 5,000 projects around the world, for Kronos Inc. He is the author of the number 1 bestselling project management book ‘The Lazy Project Manager’, along with many other books on project leadership, PMO development, project marketing, project challenges and executive sponsorship. In the last four years, he has delivered more than 200 lectures around the world in over 25 countries.Peter’s mission is to teach as many people as possible that it is achievable to ‘work smarter and not harder’ and to still gain success in the battle of the work/life balance.



Simon Adler

Director Solutions Engineering | Workfront

An IT veteran of more than 20 years, Simon is a specialist in cloud based information and work management. He has held senior technical positions at Autonomy, IBM, Intralinks and Verity. Passionate about technology, process and optimisation Simon has a successful track record of scaling and building business. He has helped four companies be privately acquired and taken a fifth to IPO.As Solutions Marketing Manager for Workfront, Nick has helped build the marketing strategy and content for Workfront and their services organization. He loves to help marketing teams find the right methodology, tell the right story, and create content that adds real value for customers. When he’s not busy consuming work chaos, he can be found telling scary stories to his older son, or dancing in the kitchen with his younger one. He also loves writing, spending time with his wife, eating desserts of any kind, and listing things in groups of three.