EMEA NAS: Out of Left Field: 4 Ways to Build Resilience in Times of Great

Things will never go exactly as planned. Change is inevitable. There will be bumps in the road. However, adversity, change, and moments of failure are not your enemies. They are the opportunities to build the resilience to be the leader that you want to be.

Join Alex Shootman, Workfront CEO, as he explores the best practices for building up resilience; both for yourself and your team, so that you can better face surprises, unanticipated mistakes, unforeseen global events, and failures you'll encounter during your leadership journey. You will need to rely on reserves of determination, focus and positivity at precisely the moments when those qualities seem to desert you. Where do those reserves come from, especially when problems come from out of left field? In this webinar, we'll investigate further:

> How to lean towards obstacles
> The power of owning your resilience
> How communication can help during times of change
> How to risk losing, so that you can ultimately win

Work Boldly


Alex Shootman headshot

Alex Shootman

President & Chief Executive Officer
Jada Balster headshot

Jada Balster

Vice President, Marketing
Adobe Workfront
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Ryan Herson

Director, People Consulting