IT Project Management Best Practices: 5 Ways the Workforce Has Evolved and How to Keep Up

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IT Project Management Best Practices: 5 Ways the Workforce Has Evolved and How to Keep Up

Quit trying to manage today’s teams like it’s the 1950s. Management of project teams needs to evolve from the rigid, machine-like processes of the 20th century. Traditional approaches to project management that were originally created for civil engineering projects are no longer suited for today’s teams. In order for project management practices to continue to be successful for our organizations, you must evolve them.

Read this white paper and learn best practices for evolving with the following changes:

  • People are more social and collaborative
  • Teams are more distributed
  • Technology is becoming an integrated part of regular life
  • The workforce is more autonomous than ever
  • People are motivated by more than just money

This whitepaper will show you how to create team and organizational atmospheres of autonomy, trust, collaboration, and recognition so you can keep up with the today’s evolved workforce.

Get the white paper now.

“Rapid developments in technology have empowered the workforce to adopt new ways of working. We’re already experiencing the benefits of today’s technology in our personal lives – on the go access at the tips of our fingers, the latest gadgets, which connect our home and work devices. We simply want to extend these benefits into the professional realm and, in the current environment, expect employers to provide the capability.”

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