Sound Solutions International grows its competitive edge.


  • Grow competitive edge
  • Need to optimise processes and resource management
  • Hone development of new technologies


  • Quickly see how much time and money is spent on materials and tooling
  • Identify opportunities and trends to improve and develop 
  • Resolving bottlenecks in the company’s resources 

Flexible and customisable project management.

The company had no central project overview for all employees to see ongoing projects. With a very dynamic, fast-changing business environment, they chose Workfront because the system works with their internal processes and is easy to update whenever needed. Almost everyone in the team has a Workfront
license, giving them a “one-stop” work management tool.

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Using data and reports makes information accessible for all, giving them a big advantage. The efficiency Sound Solutions International gained with their new processes and people enabled them to take steps to drive their competitive edge even further and improve business performance.

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