The State of Work and How to Fix Your 3 Biggest Work Problems

As organizations race to digitize various functions of the business, an onslaught of point solutions and forced-fit tools have been brought on to quickly fix a problem or implement a new service. And with new pressures to accelerate work, companies have hit a productivity wall where functions are disconnected, work processes are unstructured at different paces, and data is found in silos. Many teams are in crisis mode! It’s time for a new strategic imperative—one that builds the future for more aligned, adaptive, and iterative digital work.

In this webinar, Workfront CEO Alex Shootman and Jason Dorsey from The Center for Generational Kinetics will share how we’ve arrived at this digital work crisis and ways that you can start to accelerate and orchestrate work with precision. You’ll also learn:

> Key findings from the State of Work Report
> How to get more time for innovation from your team
> Tips for getting complete transparency of work progress, resources, outcomes and priorities
> Examples from the world’s most innovative digital work environments
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Jason Dorsey headshot

Jason Dorsey

Jason Dorsey, President, The Center for Generational Kinetics