Strategies For Simplifying Modern Work Management




In today’s world, we are often overwhelmed with the volume of work, processes, and projects. How do you ensure that the right focus is placed in the most critical areas? If you work in a regulated industry, are there processes that must be maintained to ensure compliance?

Whether it is project management or compliance requirements, ensuring what you focus on is critical to success. Effective collaboration and resource management are key components.

This webinar dives into ways to tease apart the overwhelming complexity of processes facing enterprises today. We take a look at how enterprises are changing the way they work and the outcomes they are realizing as part of the changes.

About the presenters:


Kevin Ellington

Director of Transformational Services | LeapPoint

As Director of Transformational Services at LeapPoint, Kevin Ellington helps enterprises achieve operational efficiency through continual improvement. He earned his Ph.D in Organizational Leadership from Regent University and has leveraged his learning to benefit executives and their companies for over 25 years. Prior to Leappoint, Kevin served as the VP, BIO Business Analyst at SunTrust Bank where he established the Work Management Center of Excellence.

Chris O’Neal

Product Evangelist | Workfront

Chris is an enterprise technology leader with over 10 years experience leading product management teams for trailblazing organizations. At Workfront, he leads industry research, analysis, and product strategy that empowers creative and technical to do their best work and deliver that work more efficiently.

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