The Advanced Guide to Agile Marketing

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The Advanced Guide to Agile Marketing

Taking Agile Marketing to the next level.

Any creative team can benefit from adopting Agile practices. But before diving in, it’s important to take some initial steps to increase the likelihood of a smooth and successful transition.This advanced guide skips over the Agile basics and takes an in-depth look at best practices of the Agile Marketing methodology. It’s written for marketers who are familiar with Agile terminology, have successfully run sprints or a Kanban structure with their team, and are ready to dig a little deeper into Agile Marketing and its potential benefits.

Download the Advanced Guide to Agile Marketing to learn:

  • The nuances of the Agile Marketing mindset
  • What it means to be truly Agile
  • How to manage Agile projects and campaigns
  • All about Kanban as an alternative to Scrum

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