The Digital Cat Rodeo: How To Fix Broken Project Management Processes


At times, work can be like a cat rodeo. Whether you’re managing corporate IT initiatives or part of an enterprise project management team, you’re most likely left scrambling to control projects and deliver successful business solutions with nothing but manual processes, disconnected tools, numerous methodologies, and scattered stakeholders to help you. You’re herding cats!

The digital processes for handling all of this complexity are often expensive and dysfunctional, leading to delayed and over-budget projects. Fortunately, there are practices you can implement to successfully manage projects in a rapidly changing environment.

In this on-demand webinar, process experts Jim Shaffer, Sr. Project Management Consultant at Enable Midstream Partners, and Dave Garber, Workfront Sr. Solutions Engineer, discuss why project management is broken and how to fix the problems. In this webinar you will also:

  • Gain more confidence in committing to new projects
  • Learn ways to demonstrate the value that your team is adding to the business
  • Is work automation a threat or a blessing?
  • Discover time-saving tips to prevent project chaos and employee burnout


Dave Garber

Sr. Solutions Engineer

Jim Shaffer

Sr. Project Management Consultant
Enable Midstream Partners