The Home Depot Snapshot

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The Home Depot

Retail Trade

Atlanta, GA


  • Driving adoption of a new tool
  • Lots of distractions
  • Staying on deadline


  • Greater adoption among multiple teams
  • Staying on top of notifications and work in real-time
  • Less tool switching
People are communicating much faster because they’re already in Slack all the time. The integration means less software to hop into during the day.” --  Michelle Ray, Creative Services Manager, The Home Depot

Workfront for Slack helped The Home Depot Creative Services team get genuinely excited about using a new platform. In fact, their active Workfront users grew more than 2000% over a 4-year period. The adoption rate really started spiking after implementing the Workfront for Slack integration. Now Michelle and Amber’s team members are more efficient and engaged.