The State of Creative Directors Report

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The State of Creative Directors Report

An in-depth comparison of creative director satisfaction and productivity at agencies, in-house agencies, and in-house creative services departments.

What’s the best work environment for creative directors, in-house or agency? And why is it that 42% of creative directors double as project managers?

Workfront, in partnership with Mighty Guides, undertook a new study to better understand how creative director jobs vary in different settings. The report analyzes the main differences between the creative director role at external agencies, in-house creative service departments, and emerging in-house agencies.

Download the report to read the full survey results and to:

  • Find out a creative director’s biggest roadblocks to job satisfaction
  • See how creative directors use technology in different situations
  • Learn the differences and similarities of working at at an agency, an in-house creative team, or an in-house agency

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