The State of Enterprise Work

State of enterprise work

What's happening in enterprise work? What's coming next?

This year, for our fourth annual State of Enterprise Work Report, we surveyed 2,000 enterprise workers across the U.S. Our goal: to capture not only how work is being done and what challenges knowledge workers see in the present, but also how they see current workplace trends playing out in the near future. Their responses raise some serious questions:

  • How does the fact that U.S. workers have an average of 199 unopened emails in their inboxes affect their productivity?
  • With 78% of knowledge workers having the ability to take flextime and working an average of 8 hours from home each week, how will this trend shape the workplace in five years?
  • With 69% of knowledge workers believing that work automation will give them time back to meet their primary job duties, does this technology hold the key to overcoming our current barriers to enterprise excellence?

To find out what is happening in knowledge work today and in the future, download the full 2017-2018 State of Enterprise Work Report: U.S. Edition today!