Trendline Interactive Case Study

Trendline Interactive Case Study


  • Entering and viewing project elements in multiple systems negatively impacted productivity
  • Managing projects across a distributed workforce was difficult
  • Informal processes lengthened response times
  • Incomplete views into project tasks and resourcing created inefficiencies


  • Improved efficiency by 20%
  • Increased team productivity by 10%
  • Reduced process steps by nearly half
  • Eliminated three distinct functional work tools

Leading email marketing firm replaces Basecamp project management, Harvest time tracking, and InVision design tools with single Workfront Agency Work Management solution to simplify and streamline processes. Consolidation of all details in one master communication platform improves project visibility and response time.  

Digital marketing interactions catalyze business success. Brands that understand how online communications drive purchasing decisions engage with Trendline Interactive to produce highly compelling email campaigns. Yet for the distributed Trendline Interactive team to continue to deliver complex, quality, tailored client campaigns on time and on budget, the agency needed to consolidate three project-related tools into one and standardize processes. The agency accomplished both goals and improved business efficiency and team productivity with cloud-based Workfront Agency Work Management solution.

Trendline Interactive is an independent marketing agency that combines primary research about consumers and marketing trends with practical experience to help great companies build great email programs. Its experienced team— working in locations across the U.S., including Austin, Texas; Portland, Oregon; and Chicago, Illinois—brings consumer insights to life through email by employing a full suite of strategic, creative and technical services. A fast-paced business, Trendline Interactive continually looks at how to improve processes and documentation to meet zero-error quality goals.