Case Study

University of Virginia Case Study

The Need For Tracking

Regularly listed among the nation’s top-ranked schools for U.S. News, Forbes, and The Economist, the University of Virginia Darden School of Business embraces cutting-edge technology and learning experiences in its classrooms and online offerings. One big contributor to this environment is the Darden Media team, which creates interactive simulations that engage students in real- world exercises, multimedia case studies, video productions, Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), and a variety of other technology projects. As demand for the team’s services grew heading into 2006, the Darden Media team knew it needed a smarter way to manage its growing workload.

Chris Lehmbeck, Director of Darden Media, began experimenting with more accurate ways of tracking how many hours went into each project. He first tried spreadsheets, but found that with so many different projects going on at the same time, spreadsheets were too cumbersome, frustrating, and especially time- consuming. The process of exporting data and compiling reports alone cost him several hours every week.

Chris next experimented with popular project management software. Among his needs was the ability to see what team members were working on for any given day and tie project development hours to clients. The limited reporting capabilities in the software failed to deliver on those needs.

Ultimately, Chris needed a solution that would not only be easy for his developers to accurately record their project hours, but one that would give him the flexibility and ease to create and view a wide variety of reports tailored to his specific management and billing needs.


  • Increasing demand for team’s services

  • Time tracking in spreadsheets was

    cumbersome, time consuming

  • Inability to tie work hours to clients


  • 100% visibility for improved resource management

  • Improved client communication around project status

  • Alignment with strategic goals and priorities

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