Agile methodologies and the DevOps movement promise faster time-to-deployment, higher quality code, more engaged, productive workers, and happier customers. But there are two sides to every story. A complete migration from traditional Waterfall-style methodologies is jarring, potentially expensive, and might actually be impossible.

In this webinar, we will examine the reasons why businesses might choose one methodology over another, evaluate the stresses those choices make on an organization, and suggest concrete steps businesses can take to get the most out of each methodology while removing friction.

Key topics of discussion
  • What are the common use cases for multiple methodologies in an enterprise?
  • What communications and reporting challenges do mixed methodologies bring?
  • What cultural challenges arise when businesses support multiple “competing” methodologies?
  • How can businesses plan without a consistent set of project and productivity metrics?
  • How are leading businesses approaching these challenges?
  • What steps can businesses take to address and mitigate these issues?

About the presenters


Ryan Shriver

Director of Technology


Hala Saleh

Hala Saleh



Hala Saleh, President of 27Sprints, is a process and technology strategist, and enterprise transformation coach. She helps organizations transform processes and develop innovative products. Hala has previously held project management, product strategy, and agile coaching roles at both large and small enterprises. She is passionate about startups and is inspired by people who truly love what they do.


Shawn Dickerson

Director, Enterprise Solutions Strategy


Shawn Dickerson has over 15 years of experience in managing marketing teams for Fortune 1000 companies, venture-backed firms and small startups. In his current role, he oversees the go-to-market strategy for Workfront. Prior to Workfront, Shawn led market research teams at Domo, Novell and other tech companies.