Creatives are oh-too-familiar with this phrase.

So-and-so needs an asset and they need it NOW. And, of course, “NOW” automatically means they get to move up to the top of your priority list, right?

Heck, no.

“I need this by the end of the day” really means “we need a better way to prioritize our work”. Nearly 24% of people say their work priorities change daily, resulting in their workload shifting—usually out of control.

Stop the deadline-missing, ball-dropping train of missed priorities running away from you and watch this 1-hour on-demand webinar.

In this on-demand webinar, learn how to:

  • Align priorities around strategic initiatives
  • Explain tradeoffs to over-eager requestors
  • Weed out “real work” from “fake work”

Watch now!

About the presenters


Richard Whitehead

Senior GTM Director



Jill Talvensaari

VP Marketing

IO Integration

Jill is an entrepreneurial marketing executive with over 20 years of experience in integrated technology marketing and product management for startups and industry leaders alike, including IO Integration, Adobe, Microsoft, Akeena Solar, Moxie, and Equifax. She holds a BS in Econometrics and Cognitive Science from UCSD, and an MBA in Marketing from Seattle University.

Who should watch this webinar

Creative teams and managers needing to know how to better prioritize their creative work.