Feel like you’re in a love-hate relationship with your job? You’re not the only one.

We marketers and creative types got into our industries for the chance to become one of The Greats — the one who came up with “Got Milk?” and the ubiquitous swoosh, the Don Draper of our time.

Instead, we wound up sitting in endless project status meetings, working overtime, and toiling invisibly in our departments.

You don’t need a new job in 2015; you just need to fall back in love with your current one. Kick the grind to the curb with these swoon-worthy tips:

  • Stop working too much with too little
  • Tell people (nicely) to stop it with the post-its
  • Get recognized for the outstanding work you do

Watch now.

About the presenters


Heather Hurst

Director of Corporate Marketing

Workfront, Inc.

Heather Hurst is the Director of Corporate Marketing at Workfront, where she leads the company's AR, PR and content strategy. Heather has more than a decade of BtoB and BtoC experience helping companies tell their stories in the changing media landscape — in traditional media outlets, social media, and now through content marketing.

Shelbi Gomez headshot (1)

Shelbi Gomez

Communications Manager

Workfront, inc.

Shelbi Gomez has gained a wealth of experience in both agency and corporate marketing environments. Shelbi is currently making waves as the Communications Manager at up-and-coming technology firm Workfront, where she guides brand awareness, market research, analyst relations, and customer content.

Scott Headshot

Scott Duehlmeier

Social Media Manager

Workfront, inc.

Scott Duehlmeier is the Social Marketing Manager at Workfront. Scott just recently joined Workfront after spending more than 10 years as a public relations/social media executive at an advertising agency in Salt Lake City.