Unexpected projects and last-minute requests ambush every marketing team, sometimes (or almost always) creating chaos not just for the team, but also for the rest of the department. Inevitably, marketing teams wind up spending more time trying to manage work chaos than designing great artwork for their clients.

In this on-demand webinar, learn about:

  • 6 common culprits to why chaos turns work into a game of chance
  • The all-too-measurable and real consequences of work chaos
  • 6 key strategies to eliminate chaos and insert strategy back into the game
Gain control of the marketing game board so that your team can get back to what they do best—create and design fabulous marketing collateral.

About the presenters


Cindy Hung



Cindy Hung plans, builds, and executes integrated marketing campaigns for a cloud software company. She wrangles work from creative services teams, graphic designers, digital marketers, and content marketers on a daily basis, even if it requires cupcake bribery. Cindy previously worked as an editor and program manager at a marketing agency, producing direct mail, email, and interactive marketing campaigns for clients such as Honda and Acura, DeVry University, and Banfield Pet Hospitals.


Nate Nelson



Nate Nelson designs anything under the sun, from little banner ads to big billboards. Being a member of a corporate creative services team, he’s able to work with many people from different departments. He is addicted to getting things done quickly and with a smile. Nate previously worked as a designer and front end-developer for a design agency, working with some great clients such as Disney Channel, Google, YouTube, Pepsi, Fox, Lego, ABC, National Geographic, HBO, FX, Tropicana, TV Guide, and Sesame Street.

Who should watch this webinar

Marketing team leaders who need a better way to protect their team from and guide them through work chaos.

Design and marketing professionals who want to control the chaos of their marketing workflow so that they can stop trying to manage work and just get work done.

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“When you started in the game of marketing, you had brilliant ideas and the work ethic of a warrior. You felt undefeatable. Now, you are tired, frustrated, and overwhelmed. Like a real-life board game, you can get sent backward, move ahead, or lose a turn at any moment in the world of marketing.” “There is a way to change the game. No more rolling the dice. It is now a game of chess, where creativity and strategic execution are the keys to winning.”