Presenters: Rich Morrow, Founder/head geek, quicloud, Dave Ohara Founder, GreenM3 and Jesse Dowdle Director of Engineering, Workfront

While Agile methodologies have had tremendous success in task-oriented teams, many larger businesses have been slower to embrace them as a corporate standard. From budget forecasting to performance benchmarking and accountability, Agile presents new high-level management challenges to large enterprises, and its reliance on face-to-face interaction conflicts with the increasingly time-shifted, geographically distributed nature of the modern workforce. This session will examine the inhibitors to Agile adoption, and examine the procedural and technological changes that might help enterprises transition without losing control.

Join GigaOM Research and Workfront for “Managing Agile: Increasing Adoption While Retaining Control.”

What Will Be Discussed

  • What are the primary barriers to Agile adoption?
  • What management challenges do smaller, more independent teams create?
  • Can collaboration and communication software compensate for a lack of team co-location?
  • How can businesses roll up reporting and management without stifling creativity and efficiency?

Who Should Attend

  • CIOs and CTOs
  • Application Developers & Architects
  • Project Managers

“At the end of the day, whether you choose Agile or Waterfall, or using a hybrid method there are a few pieces of data points that transcend the methodology–what are you working on, how is it going and how confident are you?”