Due to the increase in reliance on technology, IT teams are expected to respond to changes or release updates quickly but without compromising quality. Such needs for immediate action can strain IT’s capacity and result in software defects, deployment delays, and loss of productivity. This ultimately costs organizations more time and money. What if you could increase turnaround time without compromising quality?

In this webinar, learn how to:

  • Create a DevOps environment and increase stakeholder engagement
  • Overcome common barriers to adoption
  • Move beyond traditional tools and approaches to DevOps
  • Quantify and benchmark the value of DevOps

You will also hear from Frank Grippo, Director, Web Services with Lexis Nexis on how he’s been able to maximize their resources, have global visibility and real-time data by having the right tool and processes in place.

About the presenters


Jesse Dowdle

Engineering Director


Jesse Dowdle heads all product development efforts for the Workfront technology group in the U.S. and overseas. Great products are the result of innovative design and the engineering magic that brings it to life. Jesse sits at the intersection of these disciplines, equally comfortable with highly technical concepts and customer interaction. To ship software at lightning speed, Jesse drives thought leadership on continuous delivery, development best practice, and process evolution. Jesse is happiest when he’s building great products, and sees technology, process and people as equally important prerequisites for success. Jesse is a native of Utah, where he enjoys fast cars, three children, and one wife.


Q. Wade Billings



Q Wade Billings has been involved in information technologies for over 20 years. Starting his career with AT&T, he moved on to work for organizations like Intel, Sprint, Excite@Home and Lowermybills.com. He also has an entrepreneurial streak in him and has held founder positions for both SetSytems, a early innovator in the online app store business and Kynetx, a platform as a service company for the Internet of things. As the Director of Global IT Operations and Security for Workfront, Wade is responsible for overseeing the growth, security and performance of the Workfront On-Demand SaaS offering.


Frank Grippo



Before joining LexisNexis Frank was a Database and Web developer for Dialogic and Healthstreet. Frank’s been at Lexis for 13 years and is currently the Director of Web Services Frank is in the Web Visibility group creating websites to help law firms market their businesses. Frank is responsible for the Project Managers, Developers, QA, and Support staffs.

Who should watch this webinar

  • CIOs and CTOs
  • Application Developers
  • IT Decision Makers
  • IT Managers and Directors

"DevOps adoption is at a tipping point. Adopting DevOps practices improves performance, and the longer those practices are in place, the greater the performance advantage. Waiting to implement is no longer an option."

"2013, State of DevOps"