In this webinar, we will explore and bust the dangerous creative productivity myth that “Adding Resources Increases Output”. We’ll also show you how more resources does not guarantee faster completion, fewer late nights, or that more projects will get completed on-time or on-budget.

In this on-demand webinar, learn how to:

  • Standardize work requests
  • Streamline workflow and ensure NOTHING gets missed
  • Automate repetitive work and safeguard your time
  • Efficiently track time across all projects and work

About the presenters


Richard Whitehead

Senior GTM Director



Dan Taylor

Program Manager


Dan Taylor is the Manager of the Cisco Communications Resource Center (CRC) Tools and Technology team which is responsible for technical solutions implementation for the Executive and Internal Communications group in Cisco Global Corporate Communications. He has been with Cisco for seven years and was responsible for the implementation of Workfront as a program management and service request platform for the CRC.

Who should watch this webinar

In-house Creative and Marketing teams as well as managers needing to increase productivity without losing creativity or adding additional team members.