Ad agencies and creative agencies are fast paced and always changing, which can easily lead to an incredibly chaotic work atmosphere. When priorities can shift any minute and clients are constantly breathing down your neck, it can be difficult for creativity to thrive. What most agencies don’t realize is that the League of Agency Villains is wreaking havoc on agency work processes, deadlines, and overall client satisfaction.

Watch this webinar where we will expose the seven agency work villains and divulge the secrets for how to thwart them, once and for all. Learn agency work management best practices for battling:

  • Wasted billable time due to lengthy approvals and rework
  • Email, email, and then more email
  • Anxiety due to high-maintenance clients
  • Unproductive meetings that take up most of your day
  • Migraines from using 13 different tools to manage work
  • Inaccurate project updates and data
  • Constant interruptions that derail your day
  • Focusing too much time on fire drills

About the presenters

Elysha Decker

Elysha Decker

Project Manager


Elysha Decker earned a MBA from San Diego State University and is PMP Certified. She is experienced in leading global marketing SEO and SEM projects for Fortune 500 companies. Through Direct Marketing News and the Covario Blog, Elysha contributed as a thought leader to the risk management aspect of digital marketing project management. Prior to working at Covario, Elysha was involved with project management and marketing consulting for PriceSmart and San Diego State University’s Entrepreneurship Center.

Studio Session with Stacey Justice

Stacey Justice

Go-to-Market Manager


Stacey Justice brings more than 15 years of marketing experience to her role as the Manager of Customer Success Enablement. In this position, Stacey is focused on improving the customer experience for Workfront’s Creative Services and Marketing Agency clients. Previously, Stacey led the marketing communication teams for Harmony Information Systems and was the corporate communications Director for Vocus, a cloud-based PR and marketing software solution. Prior to that she worked as an Account Supervisor in Hill & Knowlton’s Washington, DC office.