What's Keeping Marketers From Going Agile?

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Marketers seem to want the benefits of Agile and other work management methodologies. So what’s keeping them from making the change?

This new report from Workfront and Marketing Profs finds marketers highly aware of the need to implement structured processes for managing their work but struggling to implement these processes in a wholesale, formalized way. Among the most intriguing findings in the report are:

  • 30% of marketers use Agile to manage their work processes, while 70% cite a lack of knowledge/expertise keeps them from implementing it.
  • 57% of marketers report that their work planning processes are lackluster at best
  • 40% say their departments use a combination of different methodologies to manage work

To learn what's keeping marketers from achieving their Agile ambitions and what you can do about it, download the full Agile Marketing Report today!