Many enterprises suffer from unhealthy work management practices or “work chaos.” Unfortunately, most either do not recognize the symptoms, or do not know how to remedy the situation.

Evidence of work chaos includes information silos, disconnected tools and processes, excessive meetings, unnecessary emails, limited collaboration, failed projects, and scattered data. Left unchecked, these issues negatively impact worker satisfaction, innovation, and productivity, and inevitably waste time and money.

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  • 6 primary indicators of inefficient work management
  • The impact of work chaos on productivity, innovation, and bottom line
  • The importance of visibility in eliminating chaos and increasing productivity

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“According to a recent Forrester report, being able to see and trust information as it develops is critical to the decision-making process. In order to outpace the competition, enterprises must remain flexible and agile. This goal can only be accomplished when decision makers have visibility into all work processes and can translate disparate pieces of information into meaningful, timely, and accurate business insights.”