The Unnerving Cost of Project Management in the IT PMO
In any PMO, the lack of the right work management solution can severely impact the success of projects, prevent companies from meeting their goals, and have a long-term negative impact on the business. While a comprehensive Enterprise Work Management (EWM) solution exists, decision-makers often hesitate to act in today’s tight-budget environment.

This white paper will help you build a clear case for implementing a comprehensive EWM solution to manage enterprise work. In this white paper, you’ll learn the true cost of:

  • Multiple, disconnected tools
  • Constant status inquiries
  • Lack of visibility into your team’s workload
  • Requests that come from everywhere and everyone
  • Trouble mixing methodologies

Get the white paper today and build your case for Enterprise Work Management.

“Improved visibility of capitalized R&D costs from approximately 52 percent to more than 95 percent, saving half a million dollars.”