Case Study

Workfront Case Study

Workfront Enables Creative Team to Complete 55% More Tasks per Week from Twice as Many Requesters.

Creative work takes time and energy. There are no shortcuts to developing amazing designs and programs. Unfortunately, many creative teams become so mired in internal production-related processes—logging time, attending status meetings, engaging in back-and-forth communications with clients, and searching for missing assets—that they can’t deliver their best work. Freeing its creative team from too many broken processes was exactly what Workfront set out to do when it began using Agile functionalities in its own marketing work management solution. Through better tools, prioritization and project cadence, the team has been able to apply the right amount of process and reclaim valuable creative time and energy.

Headquartered on the Silicon Slopes of Utah, Workfront is a software-as-a-service leader in project management solutions and the only provider of enterprise work management. Workfront enterprise solutions are trusted by leading agencies and in-house creative and agency teams around the world to improve team productivity and executive visibility. Because Workfront solutions help knowledge workers improve the way they manage, organize, and deliver work, the Workfront creative services team was confident the Workfront Work Cloud solution with built-in Agile work methodologies would deliver the fl exibility the team needed to create better relationships with its internal clients.


  • Work process overhead created unnecessary interruptions in creative time
  • Lack of visibility into current projects made it difficult to assess team bandwidth to take on new assignments
  • Ad hoc project requests increased likelihood of tasks getting overlooked


  • Increased average number of tasks per week by 55%
  • Greater focus on strategic and planned work
  • Able to effectively meet the needs of more than twice as many requestors with little increase in staff

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