Workfront Demo: How To Tame Enterprise Work Chaos

Let's have a think about the day in a life of an IT project manager.  With shorter deadlines for enterprise IT projects, growing numbers of stakeholders, and separated teams by culture, geography and the myriad of tools they use to communicate, work can feel hard to tame.

Part live webinar, part product demo, this Workfront “Deminar” will show you how Workfront stops the vicious cycle of overfilled inboxes and unproductive meetings by putting structure around your process, planning work, communicating deadlines, and completing assignments, ultimately to help your group “tame enterprise work chaos” and be productive.

Join us to see how Workfront can be the single tool you need to handle work requests, plan projects, manage resources, streamline communication, and gain executive-level visibility into your work. If you’re considering a work management solution, you won’t want to miss this!

In this webinar, you will:

  • Be introduced to Workfront and the work management methodology
  • See reporting and executive dashboards in action
  • Learn how our request and workflow management tools can make work easier
  • See how to stop work chaos once and for all!



Marc Hansen

Sr. Marketing Manager

Eric Lopez

Director of Pre-Sales Solution Advisors