IEHP Snapshot

IEHP rolls out the new Workfront experience.
by Kris King
2 months ago, 1 min read

The Home Depot Snapshot

The Home Depot Creative Services team knew they wanted to drive the internal adoption of the Workfront platform but understood they’d need to convince their members it wasn’t just a new tool to juggle, it would be a new way to get work done. The Workfront for Slack integration was the key to increase adoption across the department.
by Kyna Baker
3 months ago, 1 min read

State of Work 2020

Every industry is undergoing rapid transformation with customer expectations changing daily. People and teams are under constant pressure to...
by Michael Harrington
3 months ago, 1 min read

6 Steps to Design the Ideal Martech Stack

From choosing Adobe to Salesforce, your martech strategy matters. Teams that develop a vision for how their martech stack will evolve to meet future...
by Brent Bird
3 months ago, 1 min read