Review and Approve Digital Work

Provide fast, collaborative review and approval of digital content for quality and consistency.

Eliminate the cost of mistakes

Easily set up templates for your review processes, however simple or complex. Automatically route important documents, marketing assets, and videos to stakeholders for comment and approval before it goes out the door.

“We used to have an average of six rounds—some went up to 15 rounds. A great deal of the time savings has to do with the fact that we now have the custom data we need from the get-go. The proofing tool itself is giving us clearer, more precise feedback.”

Denise Moore, Traffic Production Manager, Ameritas

Save time with automation

Stop running and start automating. Eliminate version confusion by automating review loops in Workfront. Say goodbye to endless email threads and hard copies around the office.

“I’m getting work done so much quicker than before. I no longer have to chase people down and say ‘you have to sign off on this’ or ‘this is due today.’ So it’s been quite beneficial for us.”

Ellyn Kutch, Senior Marketing Manager at Old Navy

Protect your brand identity with less work

Manage your brand consistently across departments, organizations and global offices. With the built-in compatibility for over 150 file types, including video, audio, and digital content, Workfront makes it possible to streamline the review and approval process with one tool.

“We use Workfront and the Workfront DAM to maintain consistency and ensure all creative teams are looking at accurate and appropriate content such as icons, logos, imagery, and patterns. With a large diverse team, having a well-structured process and easy to use tool allows us to produce quality work in an efficient fashion. Our creative team is never confused about what they should be working on or what to do next.”

Drew Conklin, Traffic Coordinator, Marketing NRG

Review And Approve Digital Work Datasheet

While other vendors seem to be working their way down the alphabet as they integrate one random point solution after another and taking a one-size ts all integration approach, Workfront focuses on real departmental work scenarios and delivers tailored connections to create a seamless workflow. There is nothing random about it—we see a need, and we build an integration to solve it, in the context of the entire lifecycle of enterprise work.  

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