The Problem

Managing Professional Services Projects Can Be Hell

First and foremost, if you’re a successful Services team, you have customers—most likely a lot of them—with very specific needs and varying timelines. Using disconnected tools to manage a large customer base can leave you with:

Limited to no visibility into project status or updates
Inefficient spreadsheet management
Non-standardized workflows and processes
Siloed collaboration

Limited and overburdened resources
Inconsistent budgeting and time tracking that is difficult to manage
Lack of data to drive and support strategic decisions
The Fallout

Constant Chaos Affects Your Bottom Line

Confusion and disorganization have you running from one emergency to another, making it difficult to maintain open lines of communication with customers, stakeholders, and your team. You are often left to deal with:

Due dates that slip
Shifting priorities
Unbalanced resource allocation
Scope creep and inaccurate billing that torpedos profitability
Poor communication
Unmet expectations and dissatisfied customers
Move From Hell
The remedy

Grow Your Ability to Manage and Deliver More Projects Without Growing Your Need for Overhead

Workfront is a proven work management solution used by hundreds of Services teams to deliver business-critical services to a variety of different customers. With Workfront you get:


Timely and complete visibility into all projects, including project assignments, status updates, start and completion dates.


System notifications and tags provide real-time updates, encourage in-context project collaboration, and ensure that nothing slips through the cracks.


See which projects team members are working on, balance your team’s collective workload, and allocate resources for incoming projects.


Satisfy your customers and stakeholders by completing and delivering more projects on time.

The why

Keep your Services Team firing on all cylinders

A proven, cloud-based enterprise work management solution that brings together the teams and tools involved in solution implementation.

Improved Delivery

Draeger Medical’s professional services team has improved its on-time targets by 125%.

Increased Revenue

C Space increased on-time project delivery generating millions in new revenue.

Save Time

Kamo Power saved 12 hours per week that were previously spent contacting people for information, entering data, and making project updates.

The proof

Implementations That Fire On All Cylinders

Workfront Enterprise Work Management helps teams conquer solution implementation chaos by bringing stakeholders together, providing 360-degree project visibility and removing data and communication gaps.


Draeger Medical’s professional services team has improved its on-time targets by 125 percent.


HiQ MobilEyes gets a 500% performance increase with Workfront.


Kamo Power reduced project tracking time from days to minutes.