Flexibility. Adaptability. Innovation. On-time delivery. These are all major demands of today’s creative teams. But with the swarms of new work requests your team receives every day, how can you possibly be flexible and ready to pivot at a moment’s notice, while still delivering highly creative and quality work on time? Especially when you’re still managing your work the same way it was managed 20, 30, even 50 years ago?

Join Workfront,an expert in workflow solutions, and Target Marketing to see why modern creative leaders are embracing Agile Marketing practices to keep their teams happy, engaged, high-performing, and reliable. You’ll also learn the basics of Scrum (a framework within the Agile Methodology) and how it can help creative teams:

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In this webinar, learn how to:

  • Simplify intake and prioritization processes
  • Operate with greater efficiency and accountability
  • Achieve the right balance of process and creativity
  • Respond quickly to last-minute requests and changes

About the presenters


Raechel Duplain

GTM Manager


Raechel is a Southern Californian currently living in Southern Florida. She’s spent the last six years at a Utah-based company, Workfront, where she’s helped build a strategic content marketing program that works in partnership with creative and demand generation. Raechel leads a team of writers—in-house and freelance—and manages creative projects, with particular expertise in in-house creative services teams and agencies. When she’s not working, Raechel spends her time with her husband, at the beach, or pretending like she’s going to go for a run.


Thorin McGee


Target Marketing

Thorin McGee is Editor-in-Chief of Target Marketing, a monthly magazine and online publishing operation that is the authoritative source for direct marketing best practices and advice. He oversees editorial direction and product development for all Target Marketing products, including its magazine, website, daily e-newsletter, e-learning programs and live events. Since joining the Target Marketing Group in 2007 with Catalog Success (Now Retail Online Integration), Thorin has written and spoken about a wide variety of marketing topics. That work includes conducting the annual Media Usage Forecast and Top 50 Mailers research projects, and hosting frequent webinars and events for the direct marketing community.

Who should watch this webinar

  • VP of Marketing
  • Director of Marketing Operations
  • Traffic Managers
  • Marketing Project Management Professionals