Most marketers didn’t learn even the basics of project management in school. Only slightly more are taught the elements of project management on the job. Yet, in the fast-moving, deadline driven environment of a marketing team, planning and executing projects like a well-oiled machine is critical. There’s nothing more awkward than telling your boss that you’ve missed key deadlines or that a project has run sorely over budget.

Ditch the 52% of marketers who report working overtime in order to get ahead of their work, and learn the basics of project management for marketing. You will know better which projects your team can support and whether you’ll need additional resources…and never have another uncomfortable conversation with your boss (at least not about projects).

In this on-demand webinar, you will learn:

  • How to master work requests, from setting workflows to leveraging templates
  • How to plan projects, including managing scope creep, and setting timelines and priorities
  • Ways to direct the review and approval processes to cut back on rounds of mistakes and edits
  • Tips for collaborating skillfully with your team members and work requestors

About the presenters

Hala Saleh

Hala Saleh



Hala Saleh, President of 27Sprints, is a process and technology strategist, and enterprise transformation coach. She helps organizations transform processes and develop innovative products. Hala has previously held project management, product strategy, and agile coaching roles at both large and small enterprises. She is passionate about startups and is inspired by people who truly love what they do.


Heather Hurst

Director of Corporate Marketing

Workfront, Inc.

Heather Hurst is the Director of Corporate Marketing at Workfront, where she leads the company's AR, PR and content strategy. Heather has more than a decade of BtoB and BtoC experience helping companies tell their stories in the changing media landscape — in traditional media outlets, social media, and now through content marketing.