Presenters: Doug Anderson, Director, Product Marketing and Jonny Rejholec, Product Manager; Workfront

Workfront makes it easy to get data vital to your success through a great reporting toll. But providing meaningful reports to executives, managers, and team members is not a simple matter. Often reports contain too much data, the wrong data, not enough detail, or are presented in a confusing way. Sometimes reports are created for the sake of reporting and don’t offer anything beneficial.

Most of the problems arise when people just start creating reports without much thought beforehand. There are some best practices that will ensure you are providing correct data presented in a way that is useful and tells a story.

What You Will Learn

Doug Anderson and Jonny Rejholec of the Workfront Product team will share some best practices for creating, sharing, and organizing reports. They will also provide a preview to improvements to the report builder planned for our next release.