One of the top causes of stress for marketers and creatives is having to prove their value—especially to coworkers or internal clients who don’t understand what creatives do. But it’s a necessary evil; if creative teams cannot prove their value to their internal clients and the executive committee, they risk the reduction of resources, the inability to justify additional resources, losing work to outsourcing, or being replaced by an external agency altogether.

This webinar will share five key things creative teams can do to:

  • Prove value
  • Gain respect
  • Become a strategic partner
  • Justify additional resources
  • Win a seat at the decision-making table

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About the presenters


Maureen Boyle

Director of Creative Services & Events

Maureen is the director of the internal Creative Services & Events department for, also known as Team IDEA. She provides strategic direction, creative vision, ideation and organizational leadership to fulfill Team IDEA’s mission to create experiences – whether physical or visual – for various audiences to engage, interact and strengthen relationships with the brand. With more than 17 years of diverse marketing experience, Maureen has been able to effectively elevate the brand of in-house resources and establish her team as the authority and go-to resource for creative & multimedia development, execution and brand positioning as well as event strategy, planning and execution. Prior to joining, Maureen held various marketing roles at, Jam Theatricals, Tribune Company and TMP Worldwide.

sxpeters (2)

Sam Petersen

Sr. Content Editor


Sam Petersen is the senior content editor at Workfront. He manages the production of marketing, demand gen, and web content. Before Workfront, Sam worked in corporate and agency public relations, overseeing accounts in the nonprofit, health, commodities, and hospitality industries, including Marriott International.