High-performing Services Operations Teams Use Workfront


Project And Portfolio Management

  • Manage projects and tasks anytime, anywhere
  • Manage projects in Agile, Waterfall or a mixture of the two
  • Leverage time-saving project templates
  • Automate manual processes
  • Prioritize work based on business goals and revenue objectives

Resource Management

  • Know who’s doing what—and when
  • Staff new projects with people who have the right skills and availability
  • Maximize utilization of internal consultants and external contractors
  • Say yes to the right projects with confidence
  • Justify staffing and budget needs

Visibility And Justification

  • Visually track metrics
  • See calendars and project schedules
  • Know exactly who is doing what work
  • Assess planned versus actual project time
  • Justify staffing and budget needs

Dashboards And Reporting

  • Provide status and visibility to all project stakeholders
  • Showcase your team’s good work and organizational value
  • Ensure healthy implementation consultant utilization rates
  • Spot potential glitches early enough to remedy them
  • Feed historical data into future projects

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The Value of Enterprise Work Management

As a services operations team, you’re the nerve center of customer success. But when you can’t maximize implementation resources, safeguard services profitability, troubleshoot problems, and repeat successful engagements, you can feel more like a cog in a broken wheel than a strategic asset. Workfront eliminates the chaos by allowing you to:

Ditch The Spreadsheets

As a linchpin of customer success, your work is far too valuable to entrust to static spreadsheets or other manual means. Workfront helps you manage implementation projects from kick-off call through customer value realization.

Know Who’s Doing What

Balance utilization, map investments to revenue goals, and leverage historical data to improve future projects. With the right work management solution, your team can showcase its value—and generate killer customer outcomes.

Share The Information Goods

When you’ve got implementations running like well-oiled machines, why not show off a little? Robust dashboards and reports—tailored for specific needs—give each stakeholder comprehensive visibility to into every detail of the project.

“Our internal task system was great for software development but not for implementations. I had no idea what was happening across our 300 projects. Workfront gives me the ability to effectively monitor every customer deployment, and the flexibility to work with the data as needed to make educated changes to our processes.”

Bryan Wade

VP – Implementations