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Change doesn’t have to disrupt your workflow. Agile project management makes it easy to balance workloads, adapt to shifting priorities, and collaborate across teams.

Agile Project Management

What is the agile methodology?

Agile methodology is a modern, flexible approach to project management. It allows you to break large projects down into more manageable tasks, which are tackled in short iterations or sprints. This enables your team to adapt to change quickly and deliver work fast.

The Agile Manifesto

In 2001, a group of thought leaders met at the Snowbird Ski Resort in Utah and created the Agile Manifesto. While this framework was originally designed for software development, the values it was built on have a wider range of applications and have been implemented across teams of almost every discipline.

Agile methodology values:


Individuals and interactions over processes and tools


Working software over comprehensive documentation


Customer collaboration over contract negotiation


Responding to change over following a plan

Agile Project Management Methodologies


One of the major differences between Scrum and other frameworks is that there isn’t traditionally a project manager. One member of the scrum team is assigned as the “scrum master” and takes lead on weekly meetings and sprint planning, but the planning and management of the project is done collaboratively across the team.



Kanban takes a different approach to assigning work to various team members. Instead of assigning all tasks for each sprint, team members are given their top priorities with the remainder of tasks sitting in the “planned” category until assigned work has been finished. Focusing on priority items helps the team know what to work on next, and keeps individuals from feeling overburdened.


Why teams choose agile

Why Not Waterfall?

Unlike waterfall—a traditional, more rigid framework—Agile allows teams to adjust project scope if needs change, perform reviews at every phase of work, and revisit past work as needed throughout the lifecycle of a project.

Why Not Waterfall?

Work Faster & Smarter

With Agile iterations, your team can flexibly adapt to shifting priorities and make concentrated efforts toward completing work without running the risk of burnout. You can accurately plan out work and make reliable commitments.

Burndown charts and other visual tracking methods make it easy to update project status in real-time, so your team knows exactly what they need to work on and how their work aligns with strategic initiatives.

Work Faster & Smarter

Demonstrate Value

Agile project management gives you more visibility into the status of tasks your team is working on than a traditional gantt chart. You can easily plan work and set expectations, access data that supports justification for additional resources, deliver value regularly , and provide progress updates to stakeholders.

Demonstrate Value

Improve Collaboration

Agile methodology promotes collaboration by breaking down barriers of working across teams and departments. Agile encourages frequent communication and streamlined processes, with an emphasis on making progress immediately visible. When teams collaborate, they are able to identify issues and risks before they derail a project or require time-intensive rework.

With Agile, everyone has a clear understanding of project goals and can contribute equally to improving the quality of the final deliverable.

Improve Collaboration

Mixing waterfall and agile methodologies

Agile is meant to be simple to use and understand, but it won’t always be the right fit for every team. Traditional project management software isn’t compatible with the Agile methodology, so you need a tool that connects projects and tasks seamlessly across teams and methodologies.

Agile Project Management With Workfront

Workfront’s work management software supports multiple methodologies, so you can update project status in real-time and give everyone—regardless of methodology— visibility into how work is progressing.

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