Digital Asset Management

By bringing digital assets to the forefront of work, people no longer have to waste time searching for relevant documents but have the information they need to create their best work at their fingertips. Organize and accelerate your design approval processes, all in one convenient location.


What is Digital Asset Management

Digital asset management allows you to organize your company’s digital media such as logos, photos, and video in order to maintain brand consistency. It can be used to store and distribute these media across an organization to streamline workflows and leave more time for the work that matters: creating.


Digital asset management tools help you manage your creative assets and save you time across your organization. Gone are the days of spending time searching for content, emailing multiple versions, and duplicating efforts.


Get the right files to the right people, regardless of physical location. These cloud-based solutions make it easy to share assets through a direct link, download link, a collection, or as a Lightbox without having to use an FTP server, email, or USB drive.


Make the publishing process more streamlined and straight forward than ever. You no longer need to log into each platform separately to publish new content. Automatically publish assets and images directly to pre-selected web channels or social media sites.

Track results

Get key metrics right at your fingertips. Your centralized hub allows you to track and report on which assets are being used the most, where they are being used, and the impact they are having. It's easier than ever to see exactly what's working.

Managing Assets in the digital age

Centralized creative hub

The way we distribute and consume content is constantly evolving; the way we manage that content across an organization should evolve as well. Utilizing a digital asset management software allows you to proof, organize, manage, share, and publish content across a variety of platforms from one location.

Centralized Creative Hub

Control compliance

You spend countless hours ensuring your company materials comply with brand messaging and industry regulations. Asset management systems ensure these hours are not wasted by allowing you to control your content, manage approvals, and maintain your brand identity in a single cloud-based location.


See what's having an impact

Curious what assets colleagues are using over others? With digital asset management software, all departments have real-time access to see performance metrics for your assets. You can see which assets are being used most often and which ones are having the greatest impact across your organization, making content planning easier and more effective than ever.

Asset reporting

Make Workfront Library your digital content hub

Developing, producing, and using digital content is at the core of enterprise work. Workfront Library empowers your people to manage work, review and approve assets, and distribute them throughout the enterprise, all in one place.

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