Collaboration is where tasks, deliverables, and people meet. The ability to easily share information digitally is what moves work forward.

digital collaboration

Why Does Digital Collaboration Matter?

Collaboration used to live somewhere between conference room meetings and sticky notes left on desks. It wasn’t efficient then and it isn’t efficient now.

The problem with these methods is that even though they offer instantaneous communication, they aren’t visible to everyone and can’t be kept in context with other project information. In the fast-paced age of cloud technology and digital transformation, there’s no reason why you can’t keep information where everyone can see it when they need it.

How Technology Is Changing Collaboration

Remote Work is on the Rise

Today’s workforce is nearly unrecognizable, even when looking only a decade in the past. For the first time in history, workers are not confined to an office. The rise of cloud-based software and standard business applications has made it easier to collaborate and communicate. Fewer and fewer meetings happen without at least one person conferencing into the meeting remotely.

Digital collaboration happens when people and work are connected in digital workspaces. Team members can access projects and tasks from anywhere, communication can happen in real-time, and everyone knows exactly where to go to find accurate information, making it easier than ever to manage remote teams.

Remote Work Is on the Rise

Collaboration Improves Productivity

Effective collaboration improves internal and external communication and gives team members a way to talk through project updates. Your team is able to benefit from shared knowledge, powering through problems collectively that would take months for a single individual to resolve. With digital collaboration tools, your team can:

  • Align goals and contribute their collective knowledge
  • Share new, innovative ideas across teams
  • Address issues in real-time
  • Keep up with changes and shifting priorities
  • Increase work velocity
  • Reduce project turnaround time
  • Improve speed to market
Collaboration Improves Productivity

Project Management and Digital Collaboration

In order to successfully collaborate digitally, you need a software platform that seamlessly connects people to work. You need a tool that:

Facilitates Real-Time Communication

Facilitates Real-Time Communication

Integrates with Other Tools

Integrates with Other Tools

Organizes Work in One Location

Organizes Work in One Location

Digital Collaboration with Workfront

Workfront enables digital collaboration by reducing friction between people and tools. It makes it easier to share information and keep everyone accountable and in the loop.

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