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You need to make speed your competitive edge. Workfront helps your team prioritize investments, manage project status, and improve customer satisfaction—turning ideas into products, faster.

What's keeping you up at night?

No Time for Innovation

You need to edge out the competition, but innovation requires time. Unfortunately, you have to spend most of your time making sure projects keep moving forward. You’re constantly in meetings, responding to emails, and tracking down approvals, leaving you no time to be strategic. You have no idea if customers will even want the products you’re working on.

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Limited Flexibility

Shifting priorities and an ever-expanding workload make it difficult to meet launch deadlines. It feels impossible to get things right the first time, but your process is so manual and rigid that attempting to adjusting resources and timelines only makes things worse. Your peers and leaders don’t understand why projects take so long and your team ends up taking the blame for any delays.

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Missed Deadlines & Revenue

You know you need to increase your speed to market, but you have tight deadlines and an even tighter budget. Without a centralized place to track work, you have no real-time insight into what your team is actually working on or what projects are at risk. You’re left dealing with missed deadlines, blown budgets, and employee burnout.

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What you will love about Workfront

Ditch the long hours and unnecessary stress. Launch products that you’re proud of to market faster by managing all your work—from start to finish—in a single location.

Easily Prioritize Projects

Easily Prioritize Projects

When your work is scattered across multiple tools—and in some cases, sticky notes—it’s hard to know what to work on when. Use real-time information to scope projects, optimize resources, and prioritize high-impact work. Proving your team’s value has never been easier.

Keep Everyone in the Loop

Keep Everyone in the Loop

Stop wasting time in status meetings trying to explain your processes. Easily generate reports based on project requirements and automatically route them to stakeholders. With real-time visibility into your work, expectations are clear and your team works more efficiently.

Streamline with Automation

Streamline with Automation

Instead of focusing on the work that matters, your team is stuck manually entering data and trying to keep everything up to date. Automating project workflows brings important information together, getting your team out of spreadsheets and back into the job they were hired to do.

Track Success Metrics

Track Success Metrics

Don’t wait for the next status update meeting to see whether your team is on track to meet their deadlines. Build dashboards that automatically pull KPIs and give you real-time visibility into your team’s work, so you easily measure and demonstrate project impact.

Build Credibility

Build Credibility

Getting products to market on time isn’t just an arbitrary goal—your credibility is on the line. Use Workfront to track project status, timelines, and milestones in the context of work that’s being completed, allowing you to make adjustments before work gets derailed.

Exceed Expectations

Exceed Expectations

Launching products that meet your customer’s needs means you need more time to be strategic and innovative. Eliminating manual processes gives you more time to research customers and release products that people need, increasing your impact and your company’s success.

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Workfront delivers fact-based, data-driven information to the Citrix SCM New Product introductions team in real time. It's our single source of truth.

Perry Hovanic
Sr Director NPI, Citrix

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