Resource Management

Resource management has 2 main phases.

Benefits of resource management.

Resource Management with Workfront.

Smart resource management requires smart tools. Workfront intelligently distributes and assigns work to teams, groups, or individuals based on priority, availability, and skill requirements, ensuring that the right people are doing the right work.


Resource Management Software

Resource management software uses smart tools to remove manual processes and seamlessly connects people to work, in real-time. It lets you (and your leaders) see all relevant details in one place and provides a centralized location for your team to collaborate.
The right tool should be smart, connected, and agile and it should integrate with your project management software, taking the pain and guesswork out of resource management.

Cloud-Based Software

Work is undergoing a digital transformation with remote work and flextime on the rise. If you want to retain top talent, you need to be able to keep up. It’s no longer enough to just have a centralized location where you can review and manage resources. If it's not in the cloud, it can’t meet the needs of your modern workforce.

AI-Enabled Technology

Speaking of the future of work... email is out and automation is in. Don’t worry, robots aren’t taking over the world—just the busy work. Mundane tasks like inputting data into spreadsheets, updating schedules, tracking time, and calculating KPIs turn people into numbers instead of valuable contributors.

Artificial intelligence doesn’t mean that resource management becomes less human, it actually makes it more human. AI-enabled resource management intelligently assigns work based on your team’s priority, skillset, and availability—reducing errors and ensuring that you’re using the right data to lead your team. With smart tools, you have more time to be strategic and collaborative, and your team is protected from unnecessary burnout.

Resources to gain a competitive edge.

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