Terms of

By using Workfront software you acknowledge your acceptance of these terms of use.

Users are not permitted to misuse Workfront software. This includes attempting to access the software or its features outside of the intended methods. Users are to use Workfront software for purposes directly related to their business processes. If it is discovered that Workfront software has been used in violation of standards in use agreements, Workfront may suspend your right to use of the software.

The user is the owner of and responsible for data input into the Workfront application. These terms do not give a user ownership of all elements of the application. Users must not manipulate, remove, alter or in anyway obscure elements of the service(s) provided by Workfront. This includes pages, branding, application features/functions, etc.

Administrators are responsible for setting and maintaining password policies and access controls in a customer’s environment. If a user is concerned with password security requirements or access rights, the user is to contact their Workfront administrator.

If, during use or interaction with the software, a user becomes aware of a security issue, please submit a ticket using our Community page.