Enterprise Project Management Software

Enterprise Project Management Software

When work piles up, processes matter. Workfront’s project and task management tools centralize work in a single solution, enabling teams to deliver quality work, faster.


Gather & Prioritize Requests

Workfront provides a single place to manage requests, prioritize tasks as you see fit, and assign project tasks, all with the click of a button.

Our project management software gives you the dynamic tools you need to evaluate projects and break them down into more manageable pieces when plans, priorities, timelines, or resources change.


Track & Automate Workflows

Tracking progress and maintaining accountability is critical to success, and with Workfront, your projects will never fall through the cracks.

Workfront automates repeatable workflows such as routing, reporting, documenting approvals, updating work, and enforcing compliance processes, giving you the power to measure key indicators, deploy resources, and monitor projects from start to finish without interrupting your team.


Plan in Your Project Methodology of Choice

Some teams are better suited to using Agile, some processes operate better using Waterfall, and some projects demand something in between. No matter which methodology you choose, everyone must be able to communicate directly and effectively.

Workfront’s flexible platform allows teams to mix Agile and Waterfall—even within a single project—enabling your team to use the method that works for them without scattering project information across multiple tools.

More Features


Workfront’s storyboard view enables users to assign stories, color code tasks, and redistribute the workload to complete sprints quickly without overburdening team members.

Work Management Dashboard

With the work management dashboard, tasks can be flagged by importance and due date, and employees can be guided through each project with ease, no matter the difficulty.

My Work

On the “My Work” page, employees can see all their work in one place, making it easy for users to view all of their assignments and prioritize them to meet deadlines.

Portfolios, Projects, and Tasks

Organize and manage work into portfolios, projects, and tasks for more visibility into your team’s capacity and better alignment with your organization’s priorities.


When a new request comes in, don’t recreate the wheel. Create templates to automate repeatable tasks, quickly create projects, and assign work.

Centralized Requests

Tired of fragmented requests coming from emails, phone calls, texts, or drive-bys? With Workfront, you can customize request forms to capture all of the information your teams need to accurately scope a project and map requests to your business goals.

Digital Collaboration

With in-context collaboration, project collaborators can discuss project details, ask questions, and respond to feedback within a project or task. Stakeholders also gain complete visibility with notifications, status updates, and easy access to related documents.

Calendar Views

Customize and create a timeline of deliverables associated with any aspect of your work—a portfolio, project, team, or user—then share important deadlines with stakeholders in easy-to-consume calendar views.

Gantt Chart

Plan project tasks, subtasks, and predecessors, allocate resources based on availability, assign necessary time frames, and monitor progress and milestones with dynamic, real-time Gantt charts.

Project Management for the Digital Age

Don’t let outdated systems and broken processes hold you back—Learn how Project Management with Workfront helps teams work at the speed of digital.

"The primary strength of Workfront is the feature that most IT professionals dread and that is its ability to do all things related to process and projects. The usual jack of all trades approach is often one of master of none but in the case of Workfront...those requirements for an all-encompassing application achieve the goal well. Not just functional but more concretely in providing real assistance in getting through workflows and processes with minimal effort."

Jim Sales,
Helpdesk Manager at Rockfish

"It's ideal for project management in order to plan activities calendars. Both the user interface and the graphs available are very good in visualizing calendars for projects in order to have a clear picture of resource availability and deadlines."

Simone Penati,
Senior Product Manager at Giochi Preziosi

"Templates are cool. From the implementation process, we identified many different types of projects and workflows, then created each of those as a template. When a user has a new project, they have strong, vetted templates to start from. Templates save time and frustration."

Carrie Haney,
Content Strategist at Western Governors University

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